MedPrep I Attendance Policy

MedPrep I is a pass/fail course with no homework or exams.

  • Two-Absence Allowance: There is no homework, quizzes or exams in MedPrep. Instead, class attendance is the method used to award class credit and is therefore required. Dr. Polites understands, however, that unplanned or unexpected situations occur. For this reason, students are permitted two absences for the semester. They do not need to request an absence from the instructor. They will simply be counted absent when attendance is taken. Because only two absences are permitted, these should be saved for illness or emergency. Students who anticipate the need for more than two absences are advised to take MedPrep I in a future semester when conflicts with class do not exist.
  • Third Absence: Students who have a third absence will meet with Dr. Polites to discuss next steps including withdrawal (W) from the course or an incomplete (I) for the semester.
  • Attendance is taken at the beginning and end of each class by QR code. Both codes must be scanned in order to receive credit for attendance. Location services must be turned on in order to confirm that the student is actually in the classroom when they sign-in and sign-out. Scanned QR codes without location identification will not be accepted. 
  • Copying the QR code and forwarding to another student outside of class will be considered an academic integrity violation and will result in a failure in the course and the filing of an institutional action for the parties involved.
  • If a student needs to arrive to class late or leave early, they will need to use one of their allowed absences. Dr. Polites will not keep track of those who aren’t present for sign-in and sign-out for each session. For this reason students should be in their seats by 3 pm. The QR code will be projected on the screen from 2:50-3:00 pm.
  • Students will be notified by the T.A. within 24 hours if they have been marked absent for a class.

COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols

  • For concerns of COVID-19 or COVID-19 exposure, COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols will apply. 
  • You must complete a self-screening using the WashU COVID-19 Screening app every day before coming to campus or leaving your residence hall room. If you do not receive a green check and pass the screening, you are not permitted to come to campus or leave your residence hall room. You must contact the COVID Call Center (314-362-5056) or the Habif Health and Wellness Center (314 935-6666) immediately. Forward the follow-up email from the Call Center and/or Habif to Dr. Polites. You will be excused from in-class attendance and shadowing as needed.