Do you ever wish you could get answers to the most commonly asked prehealth questions? Ever have a question but don’t want to go through the trouble of scheduling an appointment with a prehealth advisor for just one question?

Well, here you have it! If you have a particular question related to the application or admissions process or how to best prepare for medical school, chances are that other students have had the exact same question. And it’s likely that one of the prehealth advisors have already answered it.

For this reason, this section contains answers to the most commonly asked questions on a wide variety of topics related to your preparation for medical school. These answers are a compilation of answers from the Pre-Health Advisory Team. Simply click on a category in the menu to the right and find the related Q&A. And if you don’t find the question you’re looking for, just let Dr. Polites know. He will make sure your question (anonymous, of course) and our answer is posted here.