• What should I do if I’ve received a misdemeanor or a judicial action in the past?
    Honesty on your application is crucial. We recommend that all students who have had any judicial actions (e.g. academic integrity), misdemeanors, or of course, felony violations in their past schedule an appointment with a pre-health advisor to discuss the best way to explain such an action in their application.

    Because this is an area where an individualized discussion is necessary, we do not give generalizable advice on specific problems. If a student is concerned about any violation in the past, whether it be university-related or otherwise, they should meet with a pre-health advisor to discuss it further.

  • As competitive as medical school is, won’t a violation of any kind ruin my chances of acceptance to medical school?
    No. Medical school committees understand that people make mistakes and that no one is perfect. How you handle the mistake, whether you take responsibility, and how you demonstrate that you have learned from that mistake are all things medical schools will want to see in accessing your candidacy for medical school. Lying or hiding your mistake will only lead to a rejection, even if found at a later time after you are accepted.
  • During college I took a leave of absence because of depression. Do I need to mention this in my application?
    Medical schools are not permitted to ask for details regarding a medical leave of absence. It is up to the student to decide what information he/she wants to disclose to medical schools regarding a medical leave of absence. Because it is understandable that knowing how to disclose such information can be difficult, students are encouraged to discuss how to handle this situation (if they feel comfortable) with a Pre-Health advisor.
  • During college I was required by the University to take a leave of absence. How do I handle this situation?
    Given that this situation is a little different than a voluntary leave of absence, we recommend that the student discuss this with a Pre-Health advisor.